Here are some questions I hope to investigate during our trip, in no particular order:

How do labs like Oak Ridge and Los Alamos incorporate their history while moving forward with their scientific and philosophic missions?

Are multi-use labs the way to go in terms of funding, public interest, and continuing relevance?  Can they help physics become more interdisciplinary?  What are the benefits and drawbacks of interdisciplinary science — and how do such collaborations work?

What are the prospects for the International Linear Collider and other future high energy physics experiments?  What are the chances they will be located in the U.S. — particularly at Fermilab?

How does having a physics lab in town change the surrounding community?

What can’t the LHC explore? How can lower energy American labs fill the gaps?

How will the U.S.’s political climate influence support for current and future projects? Has the current administration’s stated support for basic research changed any realities or expectations?

What happened to the Superconducting Super Collider? What lessons have we learned for future projects? Has the science been incorporated into other projects?

What will Fermilab do when the Tevatron shuts down? What will its new niche be now that it is not the highest energy collider in the world?

Do you have questions of your own? Leave them in the comments!


2 responses to “Questions

  1. A message for Nick: I finally took the time to study your photos and found them absolutely magical. Color, form, composition, contrast wow.
    Congratulations on your wonderful eye. Hope you guys are enjoying the trip. May you be spared from
    too much rain. Unlike our basement last weekend: six count ’em inches of water. Color me sodden.

  2. are we convinced theres really nothing going on why fill tunnels with water, could be used for… im just saying.maybe ive seen too many movies

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