On the road

We’re officially on the road!  We left New York on Sunday night, enjoyed an excellent tour of Oak Ridge National Laboratory on Tuesday, and are now in Chicago, getting ready to go to Fermilab tomorrow.  We were hoping that things would calm down once we got moving (leaving us more time to blog!), but this trip seems to be taking on a mind of its own. In just the last few days, we’ve added Argonne National Laboratory and JPL to our itinerary.  Thanks to everyone for your interest in this project, and check back soon for posts about Brookhaven, Oak Ridge, and Fermilab!

-Lizzie and Nick


One response to “On the road

  1. So glad to hear the trip is going well and expanding and growing a mind of its own. While you’ve been gone I’ve started daydreaming the humble beginnings of Summer of Science II: World Tour for you (this will happen, right?).

    First Stop: Sudbury Neutrino Observatory, a neutrino detector built into the largest man made underground cavity in the world in Sudbury Canada.

    Second Stop: Electrum the four-story/world’s largest Tesla coil in Auckland, New Zealand.

    I’m sure you know many, many more than I or the website (Atlas Obscura) where I found these do, but thought I’d plant the seeds for a world tour followup.

    Keep having a great time!

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